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Maribyrnong Melbourne Alfresco Design - Ascot Poolside View

In the Midst of Maribyrnong

Increase the value of your home with your leading Alfresco Builders in Melbourne

Imagine your new home has no backyard shade one minute, and several weeks later you have a magnificent and modern Alfresco extension that overlooks your pool, adjoins your main internal living areas, AND seamlessly appears to be a part of the original home building design.

Custom Outdoor Living can make your dreams come true.

“When you engage in a free initial, in-home consultation with one of our in-house Designers, at Custom Outdoor Living in Melbourne, you’re assured that we’ll take a personalised and serious approach to listening to you carefully. We’re the ultimate specialists in interpreting what you want, and in transforming your vision into a reality. When our Designer and Consultant first met with ‘Mr. and Mrs Maribyrnong’, their brief was quite specific. They wanted clean, modern lines, high-end finishes, and an entertainment enclave where they could relax and unwind – a place to gather with family and friends – and particularly whilst slipping in and out of the pool.”

Managing Director of Custom Outdoor Living, Matt Goodie, was delighted with his team’s interpretation of the easily accessible site. The customised design was supplied to the owners in virtual form, and it quickly became apparent (with some clever thinking and the company’s reputation for excellence in building) that the new Alfresco could be everything the owners had imagined – and more. “A large skylight panel and energy-efficient LED downlights were in-built to ensure adequate light at any time of the day or night, and the original paving was deftly preserved. Rendered columns and a roof to match the existing home were carefully added, and a plaster ceiling completed the look of seamless simplicity and style.”

The Alfresco’s roofline now provides added privacy from neighbouring properties, a fabulous space for a casual BBQ or formal dinner, and tubular spotlights adorn the exterior of the columns to add the perfect (but subtle) sparkle to the mood of a midnight swim.

Regardless of the style of home you live in – be it modern and new, or classical and established – your premier Alfresco Builders in Melbourne, at Custom Outdoor Living have your solution.

Bring the outdoors in, and make an appointment to talk to us TODAY. You’ll get the enriched lifestyle you deserve when you deal with our experts, and we’ll design and construct your new Alfresco in Melbourne in no time at all. It’s really that simple!

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