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Alfresco Design in Hughesdale, Melbourne - BBQ

We’re a Happy Team at Hughesdale

An open space, transformed by strategically placed footlights, a magnificent outdoor kitchen, and a seamless design has the owners of this new Alfresco feeling like winners at the M.C.G. (well, almost!).

Custom Outdoor Living in Melbourne specialise in taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary, and with this project they had permission to ‘pull out all the stops’. “The owners wanted to take full advantage of the paving they already had in place, extend out from their existing house/garage roofline, and maximise their outdoor living lifestyle options all year round. We consulted and worked with them regarding what they wanted carefully, presented them with a concept design that would add both value and chic style to their home, and then began the building process of the dominant structure.

In a few short months this gorgeous Alfresco in Melbourne was complete, and when the final siren rang out we all knew we had a home run on the board. The owners wanted to have a strong hand in creating their new space, and we were very happy to co-design and construct with them. They supplied and installed the fabulous kitchen, high-end heaters, helped out bricking-in the half wall, and arranged for the completion of the tiling.

It was a great co-operative experience.” Matt Goodie, Managing Director of Custom Outdoor Living, and the Project Designer, suggested they block the neighbouring property with a solid wall, place the kitchen along the garage’s brick wall (to meet fire rating codes), and institute a half-height brick barrier to help contain the weather at the other end. The owners already had a very stylish outdoor lounge area, so this area was designated for family dining and entertaining.

The floor area of this Alfresco in Melbourne was raised a little and beautifully tiled, then highlighted with built-in, energy-efficient LED lights in the ceiling, the floor, AND along the lower reaches of the brick half-wall.

The roofline was extended, with tiles that matched the existing home, creating a design flow of perfect symmetry, and the underside now features a superb Cedar lining, gas heaters, sound system speakers, and then, of course, there’s the two wine fridges, the dishwasher, the rangehood – just everything (including the kitchen sink) to make this Alfresco fully functional and easy to clean – and it all just looks as if it’s always been there.

There’s now privacy, protection and something of a pavilion to enjoy in Hughesdale, and Custom Outdoor Living in Melbourne is proud to have been able to partner with the owners to bring this Alfresco to life.

“We don’t do things by halves at Custom Outdoor Living,” says Matt. “We have a reputation for perfection in our finishes and attention to detail, and by taking care of the Design AND Construction processes for you, we can aesthetically assess your project for both practicality and what is permitted (as Registered Builders) , and take the entire concept from beginning to end.

We’re all about working with our clients to find unique outdoor living solutions that work with what is already in existence. Viewing your home with a creative and innovative eye makes all the difference – and then we work to whatever budget you have in mind to make the seemingly impossible possible.”

Talk to us at Custom Outdoor Living TODAY. We’ll take the challenge, talk you through what you want and discuss the options, before giving you a virtual look at what’s possible, practical and of course within regulations – and then make your vision become a reality that will have you wanting to stay in your seats long after the final bounce.

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