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Hampton Melbourne alfresco design - interior

Happy Hour in Hampton

Get the perfect outdoor living area to complement your existing home, from one of the leading Alfresco Builders in Melbourne.

This long and narrow outdoor area, originally with little protection from the weather, was cleverly transformed into an inviting Alfresco that not only masks an old painted paling fence, but also hides some scruffy and overgrown trees in the neighbouring property.

“Working out a functional design for this unusual space proved quite challenging for the property owners, so they were very relieved to hand-over the task to us, at Custom Outdoor Living in Melbourne. At this Hampton property, the foundations were all there to create the right look. Our design needed to match the existing home, allow for the length and width of the dining furniture, and provide adequately ventilated BBQ facilities for relaxed entertaining. It was also most important to maintain environmental airflow, provide shade and shelter from the elements, and incorporate the existing flower bed wall – whilst blending the architectural design in such a way to make the ‘new’ Alfresco not only appear to be custom-built, but also to make it seem like a natural part of the original home build.”

Custom Outdoor Living’s Managing Director, Matt Goodie, added, “One of the things I found most important (in designing this Alfresco entertainment area) was to incorporate screening that is not only durable, but that also acts as a feature wall. We hand-selected several beautifully grained 140x140mm Cypress Pine posts, inlaid the spaces with Merbau slats, and stained the timbers to create a modern and aesthetically pleasing view from all angles. With the addition of a small rangehood, the BBQ could remain undercover, and would also provide protection for the newly plastered ceiling and rendered walls. Energy-efficient LED downlights were installed to expand the light when required, and the entire process was seamless.”

The owners can now step from the main living room, into the Alfresco, grab a sausage off the barbie, and wander through the glazed security gate and dip their big toes into the pool in one fluid motion.

“When you’re stumped for ideas about what to do with your unusual space, you can be sure to find your solution right here at Custom Outdoor Living in Melbourne. We’re renowned as the Alfresco Building Specialists you can rely on, to shine a fresh new light on what may have seemed to be an impossible task, and deliver both an original design and quality workmanship that will stand the test of time – AND please the most discerning eye.”

Have a chat with us at Custom Outdoor Living – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain from our thirty years of designing and building experience.

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